Voxxin Family Club Facilities

Voxx Inn Family Club Buffet
Voxx Inn Family Club Buffet

Taste masters of Voxxin Family Club offers excellent and unmatched samples of Turkish and world cuisine any hour of the day at different places and with different options. Main Restaurant You will discover different delicious tastes in breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurant which has a capacity of 350 people. At the rich open meal stall you continue to live with dinner, after enjoying the most fresh and exotic salads, unquie vegetable soups, grilled meat and fish options,turkish delights, pastries, fruits and many more delicious preferences fit every pleasure.

Pool Bar When you are getting bronze in the sunshine, Pool Bar is ready to make you cool and enjoyable. All day animations and activities are thought to make you relax and escaping from city stress. Don’t forget! It is possible to come across with surprises in Pool Bar. Garden Bar We invite you to a journey in time with an authentic garden at tea time. Local and international drinks, coktails and wines, a place where you can enjoy yourself.